Saturday, June 18, 2016

A New Kitchen part 17

Another big push Friday night and Saturday Morning!
Friday night we removed all the cabinets that I had added to the old existing cabs years ago.  The Microwave cabinet above the stove and two uppers on the opposite wall. 

Then we moved the ugly green stove out to the trailer and rolled the refrig to the dining room for the duration.

Saturday morning the rest came out.
First the plumbing, then the countertop and sink then the base cabinets and finally the upper!





Next stop, the landfill!

The original cabinets came out real easy due to the way they were built.  The cabinets were built from 1" x 12" Yellow Pine lumber.  The base had two boards laying front to back, the upper was made from just one.  All the shelves were nailed in place while the cabinets were being built in place on the job site in 1952. Not one drop of glue was used, everything was nailed together using 8d [8 penny] finish nails!

Next step will be to start cleaning, then the electrical, plumbing.  So this will probably be the last post until I get the cabinets installed or when I'm completely done...


  1. Looking good Allen. Similar to what we did, set up temporary kitchen of sorts in the dining room. We had the frig, microwave, and a propane stove there and were able to use the sink in the laundry room. Had to use that setup for 5 months while I worked on the kitchen.

    1. Thanks Brad!
      I sure hope it won't take no 5 months to get mine back together???
      Everything is built and ready to go back in once the subs get their stuff done like electrical, plumbing and the trimmer.