Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A New Kitchen part 16

Last weekend seen good progress on the cabinets.
By the end of Sunday night we had all the doors and drawers installed in the boxes and the decorative hardware on!  Monday noon we moved them from the shop to the garage where they'll sit until the kitchen is ready for them.  I still need to make the breadboard and countertops.  The laminate is on order and should be here next week Tuesday.  Once I get them covered I'll add them to the pile.

Tonight Lisa and I started clearing out the cabinets of the unneeded items in preparations for tearing out the old cabinets, hopefully this weekend?

Here are the original plans I first posted along with the finished cabinets.

The refrigerator wall cabinets.

The over refrigerator cabinet has a roll-out and a shelf, the roll-out will make it easy to get at stuff in this cabinet.

The split pantry cabinets.

The sink base and sink upper.

The microwave cabinet.

There will be a few things that I will modify once they are installed like the cutting the top stringers on the sink base so the sink will fit.  Other than that, they are finished and ready to install...

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  1. You have been a busy boy.
    We have been clearing out stuff ready to move house, oh and still working on getting the RR torn down.

    1. Busy is an understatement!
      We're both doing the about the same thing then?