Sunday, March 8, 2015

Things to do on a nice warm day...

Having no further use of these and not being able to find anyone who wanted them, we decided dispose of them.  Just throwing them in the trash didn't sound like much fun, smashing them didn't sound exciting enough,  neither did some of the other ways we discussed.  But..... giving them a dry Viking funeral did seem interesting.

So when the first warm day came around......

Rest In Peace



  1. The slow motion video is awesome. Love it!

  2. Thought that turned out cool as well....

  3. Youtube says that I' not allowed to watch the video because the musik.
    Anyway, seems like a final withdraw for you ... you are creating a fait accompli.

  4. Scorched earth policy indeed. You are a brave man with all that dry grass around! Most days here in Kansas we are under those pesky "Red Flag warnings" from the NWS.

    1. Kevin, if you look closely at the video, we had the hose at the ready and was really keeping things watered down, both before and during the blaze, and never left it unattended. It wasn't very windy that day either. Otherwise we would have waited. I'll admit it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. A few days later we started to get warnings as well.