Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Olin-Chlor expansion, part 8

I stopped in Malvern last night to see how things were moving along with the Olin-Chlor plant.  Looks like the building and the new pad was finished and also looks like the new storage tanks are going up.


I finally received my Tomytec upright storage tanks.  Wasn't real happy with their choice of color, but what are you going to do?

The other night after a little debate and a few texts to Steven and Greg, it was decided that they should be painted white. But first I wanted to give them the same treatment as I did for the piping cage and distillation towers.

After gluing the bottom funnels to the tanks I cleaned up the mold lines up and then shot everything with oxide red for a base coat.

Next I misted the white over the oxide red just enough to allow the oxide red to show through. This would give the appearance that the white is fading and rust is setting in.  I even painted the concrete slabs with the oxide.  My hopes are that I can replicate rust that has run down the stands and have stained the concrete slab.
After getting the white sprayed on, it wasn't as opaque as the silver and the oxide red came through enough that the white looked kind of a mauve color, so I sprayed the white a bit heavier.

So far things were going good until I got the walkways.  These I sanded down the thickness a bit, but no use.  These things were just TOO DAMN THICK.!!  After snapping a couple of pics and sending them off to Steven and Greg for approval or rejection, may answer came back  REJECTED! 
I have to say I agree with them. It's too bad too, these are really pretty nice looking kits if it wasn't for the catwalks and railings. 

I did think ahead and ordered some Gold Metal Model industrial walkways just in case, and it looks like I'm going to need them too so, back to the drawing board...

I think I'm going to see about adding a ladder with a safety cage so I can replace the ladders which are almost as think as the railings.  

Another thing that is missing is there is no piping for filling these tanks.  But I think I have plan for that.


  1. Hi Allen
    I 'm sorry but have to agree with your mates. Those handrails look butt ugly :-)
    I made some tanks out of 3/4 electrical conduit and a friend turned up the tapered bit at the bottom which just glued into the end. The Fitzpatrick Chemical plant at Winfield has them on my SFRSD.
    I agree with going to Gold Medal stuff should make them look sooo much better.
    Have fun

  2. LOL, I guess I can't argue with that Rod!
    Like one guy on the Railwire said "It says in Japanese right on the box - Larger handrails for better safety"