Monday, August 25, 2014

Video layout tour, Aug 2014

I finally got a chance to get a video of the layout.  We had another operating session the other night and while it was clean I grabbed my camera.

We start with a overview from the bottom of the stairs and then skip over to the main yard.  Leaving the yard we follow the mainline north from Alexandria, LA to Haskell, AR.  After Haskell the line ducks through the backdrop and returns to the main yard which at this point from the trains perspective is Biddle yard in Little Rock, AR.

At Haskell the lines that lead into Malvern, AR [which is the first town on the line].  In the real world the line continues west to Hot Springs. AR.  The tracks stop at Malvern due to lack of space.  At the end of the video you will see two tracks that end up against the wall.  This is suppose to be a siding, I use these to park cars on that are bound for points west of Malvern on the W&OV.


  1. Hi Allen.
    Sure is a nice layout you have. Us in Australia would love to have a house sized basement for our layouts however we have to settle for big sheds outside.
    You must have a great time during your ops sessions with so much track and industries.
    Do you think you will move to Digitrax's Duplex system. We all use it here about 8 of us and it works a treat and saves having to plug in and out all the time.
    Great work.
    Best regards

  2. Why thank you Rod!
    Basements are nice, but having a separate shed could have it's pluses as well.
    The ops sessions have been keeping all of entertained for the most part, I try to change things from time to time to keep it different. I still have a few tracks to install, but can't do it until I get other things done.
    I'm gonna try to get some more buildings done so I can get started with some scenery. Getting tired of looking at the gray ceiling tile!
    I doubt I'll switch over to the Duplex system in the foreseeable future. I can see how not having to plug in a bunch of times could be a treat. Maybe if my system ever goes on the fritz or some of the throttles do, then I might make the switch. I did almost sell the system to a buddy who wanted to get into DCC but he settled for a NCE system.
    Thanks again Rod!

  3. Allen, I like your video. Great layout, nice long continuous mainline run, many industries. Keep up your excellent work.

    1. Thanks Mike! Appreciate your kind words.
      Been diggin your scenery updates as well. I'll keep up my end if you do the same.