Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Something Old, part 2

After several weeks of decending to the laboratory, I have finally finished my Time Machine!

Several years ago I finally got around to getting brave enough to pull out the mill and I milled out a couple of Life Like FA's so I could install some DZ125's.  These are probably one of my favorite Rock Island locomotives and so badly wanted to add them to my fleet.  I still have plans for another set of the Red and Black FA's as well as a set  of Maroon Fa's.  Not sure if I'll go through the hassle of milling my own or break down and get some pre-milled frames from Aztec.

Once getting them done a fever came over me and I felt I needed to get some of the other older Rock Island locos up and running.  That fever came on strong again when KATO announced their newest locos several months ago.  Their F2's, and when I seen they were releasing them in the Red and Black Rock Island scheme, how could I resist?

I quickly ordered a pair and before they arrived, I dug out the two pairs of FT's I had and started chipping them, then I got after my F7 A&B's.  When the F2's arrived I got them chipped and continued until I had most of my Red & Black and a few of the Maroon with striped units done.

Tonight I finished up my last loco for now, a Rock Island RS1 in Black with Red oval logo.

As of this blog post I now have the following chipped, speed matched and ready for service;
Two sets of Intermountain FT's
A single A and an ABBA set of Intermountain F7's
A Life Like set of AB FA's
A pair of KATO F2's
One Atlas RS1
Three Atlas RS3's, two Maroon with white Stripes, one Red and Black with White wings
Two Atlas GP7tt's
One Atlas H15-44

These along with the other units that I have in the Maroon variations should be enough to back date the layout from time to time for an ops session dated in the late 50's to early 60's

But not sure if I will swap out the cars to match?  Have to wait and see?

I've got a whole lot of weathering to do now.....


  1. Good looking lineup of DCC locos you have there Allen.

  2. Thanks Brad!
    The three RS units are ones that have the newer CN decoders that have CV66 & CV95.
    I'm so glad TCS added those to the chips!
    How's your layout coming?

  3. What a lash-up very impressive Allen.