Saturday, April 26, 2014

Session #8 - A successful evening

Everything went off without too many problems tonight, well almost.
A few minor mishaps but nothing that caused any major set backs.

I thought we were going to have a pretty full house tonight but plans changed.  We started out with only 6 crew members and one had to leave a little early.  So we finished out the session with 5 members. 

We started at 5pm tonight and ended about 8:30pm.  We didn't quite make it to four hours so either things are going smoother and the guys are getting the hang of things or we got lucky.  We did manage to keep the speeds of the trains down around 20-25 mph which did give the yard operator at El Dorado more than enough time to get his chores done.  This included not only getting the outbound cars on their way and making up the two local, plus the cars for the W&OV, but also had time to pickup the cars for El Dorado proper and replace them by the end of the session.

The new maneuver at the Ruston junction between the Winnfield local and the ICG went very well and was pretty simple and straight forward.  So I think I'll go ahead with the plan to re-lay the junction and remove one siding.

When I get a few minutes over the next week, I will get some photos and a video posted. 


  1. Congrats on a successful op session. I'm looking forward to the photos to follow.

  2. That's they way it should be, good fun and relaxing for all. well done Allen.
    Looking forward to some pics.