Sunday, September 8, 2013

Videos from Ops session #6

After getting a new computer and getting use to the video editing program, I finally have a few videos to post.  While they are not the best, at least I got some practice with the camera and editing software.   I need to work on some lighting and then once I get some scenery down in places, they should look better.


  1. Nice work Allen! The videos look great!

    1. Thanks Steven! A Spielberg I am not, just need a little practice first. :)

  2. Allen - this is a nice collection of videos to complement your previous post on this operating session. Thanks for sharing.

    What is the song/soundtrack in the third video?


  3. Thanks Ron!
    It's Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Railroad Song" from the album "Nuthin' Fancy"

  4. Allen - Nice job with the videos.

  5. First video is backed by Rusty Young's Grand Junction from Poco's first album "Pickin' Up the Pieces"!! Are we two like-minded Poconut N scalers? Tremendous, if so. Did you paint the ex-Conrail and PC GP-40's for the Katy? I remember them well down here in Southeast Kansas.

  6. Hey Kevin, thanks for the comment.
    I'm not huge fan of POCO or very familiar with them, but I heard this song a while back and thought it would make a great background song for a video.

    The exCR GP40 was a stock paint job that I modified and weathered. The exPC GP40 was painted weathered from scratch. I'm a closet fan of the KATY! After the UP/MP/WP merger they had trackage rights on the MoPac into Omaha and Lincoln. I seen the exPC unit come through town back then and always wanted to model it. Always thought it was a unique unit with the cardboard sign wired to the handrail!