Sunday, August 12, 2012


I recently received a box of goodies from the Postman!

I ordered four Digitrax UT4r simplex throttles for the two locals and the manifests trains.  So as to make better use of these throttles and my wireless system, I also ordered some re-chargeable batteries from an on-line company that carries the MaHa Imedion brand batteries.

I was told by a friend of mine [who I have relied heavily on for my Digitrax DCC products and info] that his club has started using the batteries and have been very happy with their performance.
They are 9.6v 230 Amp low discharge battery that are said to hold 85% of their charge for a year.  He has told me that there modular club has used them non stop for a two day and they have held a charge through the show.

I got the four UT4r's set up and running and let me tell you they are nice and easy to use.  So much so that I am thinking about ordering 1-3 more eventually.  Everything can be done with the hand that is holding them without the need to use your other hand to turn the throttle knob or push a button like I do on my DT400's.  This leaves the other hand completely free to work the couplers or turnouts!

Can't wait to put them into action with the next operation session!

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