Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Train Lengths on The Little Rock Line

Phil asked about the size of the layout and El Dorado and the length of trains that I run.

The overall layout is 25' x 12-1/2'.
The size of El Dorado is 9' long x 28" at the north end and 37" at the south end,  between the edge of the layout and the backdrop.   

Train lengths:

The through trains [Staged]:
These range from 30 cars, three locos max and a caboose on the coal train, to 12 cars, three locos max on Amtrak.
They are the superior trains while they are on the mainline.  The passenger siding at El Dorado is the only siding that they can fit in and meet another through train. 

Work trains:
LRMP's and the MPLR's have a max of 18 cars, three locos max and caboose.
The work trains may have more than 18 cars once they leave El Dorado depending on how many cars they've picked up.

The Locals:
The Winnfield & Haskell turns and the W&OV's Razorback have a max of 15 cars, two locos max and a caboose.
The Locals will fit in all the sidings throughout the layout and are required to take the hole if a superior train approaches.

A caboose is required for any train movements on the line with the exception of movements within the yard limits at El Dorado.

These are the base rules so far, and may change if conditions and operations change.


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