Monday, August 13, 2012

Action in the new yard.

Finely, a few action shots! 
These were taken on the first day of operations in the new yard.

The NB MPLR-W is setting out his cut of cars on the north end of A/D track #1  
RI SD40-2 #4799 is doing the honors today.

A few hours later I caught #4300 on the point of the SB LRMP-H as he was grabbing a cut of outbound cars from the south end of A/D #2

These goats are pulling a cut of cars from yard track #1 and will spot them on the A/D tracks for pickup by the NB MPLR-H which should be arriving shortly.
These SLSF MP15DC's are on loan from the BN for evaluation with the option to buy.

As they are seen shoving the cut back onto the A/D tracks, Amtrak's NB "Cajun" eases to a stop on the passing siding for a quick 15 min layover.

This new yard is probably some of the best looking rails that the Rock Island crews have seen in years!

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