Wednesday, February 14, 2024

GP40's and a GP7R

Someday I'll get back to the scenery, just not sure when? But for now the juices are flowing.  After getting the U25B & U28B refurbished, the gears started turning again.

Next up: Two GP40's and a GP7R.

All three will be in the Red and Yellow scheme.

The GP40's will have two different numbers from different orders.
One will be in the high 300 series that got repainted, the other will be in the low 4700 series that were delivered in Red and Yellow.

The GP7 will be a rebuilt GP7R in the 1200 series which was rebuilt and painted by Morris-Knudson during the CRP (Capital Rebuilding Program). Unfortunately some didn't stay in Red and Yellow very long as the Rock Island officials decided shortly afterwards that they were going to start painting their locos in the Blue and White. 

So some of the Red and Yellow GP7R's were repainted as soon as they were delivered back to the Rock Island and were renumbered into the 4400 and 4500 series, but some did retained their original numbers and the Red and Yellow paint until the end.

The images are not mine, I use them for reference only.

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