Friday, September 29, 2023

Terrafoaming between Ruston and Winnfield

Over the last week I've working on terrfoaming the section from Ruston to Winnfield.  I've been cutting and fitting the foam into place and gluing down a few sections at a time.  

The sheets are about 1.9" thick but I plan to carve them down quite a bit so they look like rolling farmland.  The edges along the tracks I'm hoping to make them look like an eroded cut with a tree line to help define the edges of the farmland.

I'm planning to have a road crossing in this location.  I'd like to have one come in from the lower left, cross the tracks just to the left of the turnout, then hopefully have it duck behind the end of the foam and the backdrop.  I figured this would be a good location for one as there will be a small depot that butts up against the short house track and make a small parking lot next to the depot.

Another crossing is planned here for the driveway to the farm, between the two turnouts on the ICG and across the Rock Island tracks, then off the layout.  

Again, while the foam is much taller here than I'll need, I'd like to keep it high enough to add trees to get the feeling that the ICG will be running through a heavily wooded cut.  The three narrow strips of foam and the chunks in the corner are yet to be glued in place.

Once I get the foam down in this location I'll play around with the scrap yard and decide if I want to keep the inner turnout and spur track on the left, then I can finish the ballast work.

One thing I've always wanted to do on a layout is to make use of a mirror.  If things work out, one that is strategically placed at the end of the ICG track may help to add depth here?

Someone asked me about the backdrop and if I was going to wait to add details until I finish the foreground scenery?  At the time I painted the clouds I didn't give it much thought as to how high the foam would be, so I just painted it and moved on.

But at this point, until I get it terraformed, I'm kind of planning to redo the entire backdrop, meaning repaint it blue and redo the clouds and painted tree line.  One driving factor to this decision is the clouds.  

They turned out OK for the most part, but after looking at them and comparing them to the clouds I did on the other side of the backdrop, these turned out almost too crisp and too bright. The clouds on the other side are more subtle and airy and not near as bright.  Once the foam is carved and painted, I'll probably take another stab at them.

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