Monday, July 24, 2023

Full operating session on the Little Rock Line.

Something I've often wanted to do was to video an entire operating session on my layout.

I've had a lot of questions over the years about my layout (though it's nothing special or spectacular) that I've always tried to answer. Mostly with images, but I always thought a video would tell the story even better.

Now, after Dave helped me to get an operation plan working with the use of JMRI, I thought it might be time to give it a try?

A few weeks before I had the session with the new crew from Omaha give things a run, I was running solo sessions making sure that things were actually working before I invited others over and wound up with egg on my face.
While running one of these sessions, I decided why not try videoing it? It was the weekend of the 4th and I had some time to kill with a 4 day weekend.

This will not win me an Oscar or any other award, but I did it for several reasons.
One, to give it a try and see what I could do with the editing software I have.
Two, to show others what happens on my layout during a session.
Three, to allow Dave to see what he helped me create.
Four, to maybe inspire others to do the something similar.
Five, it was also kind of fun.

Like I said, it's not quality material, but it will show what a typical session on my layout involves.
The lighting is not the best, editing the videos, sometimes made the grass REALLY green, like neon green.
I did take the time at least to edit out my arms, gut and my ugly mug out, so at least you won't have to suffer through seeing that, and not too mention
my Railroady words, as some call them.

There are 15 videos in all.
They start in Biddle Yard in Little Rock, AR, we follow the SB local first all the way to the yard in Alexandria, LA.
We watch as the train flips to the NB and grabs a string of cars that were staged for the NB train.
Then we follow the NB back to Little Rock.
Along the way most every town has some sort of switching, but several towns get bypassed as JMRI did not schedule any work in those towns on this session.

Anyway I hope some find this interesting?
Oh, and BTW, watch for the disappearing box car.


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