Saturday, January 28, 2023

Some re-decaled hoppers.

While working with JMRI Ops, I needed to change some numbers as well as change the lettering on a few hoppers I had and I figured this was a good time as any to do this.

Awhile back BLMA released their GA DryFlo hoppers in N scale. I picked up a couple PRR hoppers for cheap that I planned to re-paint or re-letter fodder. These two became a Rock Island and MoPac versions.

I brushed some Walthers Solvaset on the lettering and let it sit for a bit to hopefully soften up.  I started using a pencil eraser, but it was taking a lot of scrubbing so I switched over to using a toothpick which was a little more aggressive. Once the lettering had been removed, the areas were burnished and shiny, so I gave them a quick shot of Dullcote and applied the decals.

Neither of the two are exact copies due to the decals, but they're close enough in my books.  Of course now that I made these, Atlas will release them, which is the way it always goes.

While looking for images of any Rock Island cars, I actually found one image with a tidbit of info.  Rock Island actually had 5 of these cars and at some point were renumbered after entering revenue service.​

I had a good match on the gray plaque, but when it dried it turned a little darker and a touch bluer. Nothing a good dose of weathering won't cure in time.
I actually kind of like the larger logo?

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