Thursday, October 13, 2022

Rock Island GP35 #307


Following close on the heels of the #323 is #307, I was working on this one right after I got the #323 done and was waiting on the chips to arrive.

Pretty much the same as the #323 except it's Maroon and Yellow.  Nothing special about this one, just the typical scheme on a GP35.

The only thing about the unit, some of the images that I found of #307 shown it to be quite dusty which I tried to portray by adding dust powders to the trucks and fuel tank.  I debated about what color to paint them with?

Do I start with a gray (similar to what the Red and Yellow units get painted?) and then darken them down with washes and powders, or do I start with painting them black and trying to lighten them up with dust powders?

I decided to start with black and add the dust.

It took several layers of Pan Pastels and misted with light coats of Dullcote to achieve the dusty look but it also now looks as if I started with gray for the trucks and fuel tank.

Here's a shot of the speed lettered units on the bridge.

Four down, three to go...


  1. Coy here! They look great!!

    1. Ah! the secret admirer has been revealed! Thanks Coy!

  2. The weathering looks great!