Sunday, October 3, 2021

Weed base

After getting a good handle on how to make the static grass tufts in the last post, I continued adding a weed base to the yard between the tracks.  

I simply used a 1" foam brush dipped in thinned Modge podge and dabbed it on the areas between the tracks where there was more dirt than ballast and lightly sprinkled random colors of Woodland Scenic fine ground foam.  This was followed by adding just a pinch of  the coarser ground foam to add a bit of 3D and padded it into the rest of the foam.

I followed this up using a eyedropper with the same glue to make sure everything got glued in place.

While this doesn't look bad as is, I think when I add the static grass over this base, it should add some depth to the grass and weeds without making it look like solid field of weeds.

My thoughts in doing this is to keep from having to use a lot of static grass to cover the earth (brown paint) as well as to add variation to the weeds. 

Once I get the courage up to apply the static grass between the tracks, I'll start adding the tufts between the rails and ties as well as elsewhere throughout the yard.

I tried getting some better shots but realized I need to invest into some better lighting and some accessories for the tripod so I can reach over the layout.