Monday, March 8, 2021

Grass in the yard

After getting the ballast and dirt in the yard, I started adding the ground foam base.

I used an Earth blend starting at the edge of the dirt and ballast and spread it outward, followed by fine burnt grass over top of that leaving a bit of the earth blend showing.  Then I came back over top of the burnt grass with a turf mix.

While this looks ok, I plan to come back and add a layer of static grass over all of this to give a look of tall weeds.  I also plan to glue down some shorter static grass within the yard, both between the tracks and hopefully between some of the rails in a random pattern. We'll see how this works out?

And for the fun of it, I roughly edited the last photo to give me an idea of the finished product.  The large brown area is reserved for and industrial line that will serve a string of large buildings similar to a downtown theme, someday...



  1. Looking very nice Allen.
    Love the edited version too.

  2. Some static grass in some of the sidings will look good. I will be watching how this comes out for you as I am also interested in experimenting with static grass.