Tuesday, January 26, 2021

"Can a I get a little help?"

 A buddy stopped by the other day to chew the fat and run some trains.

Matt brought his BN equipment over to stretch their legs a bit.  He ran my FPPX coal drag (37 cars) and his two Deuces could barely pull it so we tacked one my U30C's on the rear to help shove it.

His units were consisted but my U30c wasn't. So we ran it old school, each were on a separate throttle.  Not once did we stringline the cars.  I don't have grades on the layout which probably helped.  But it was still a fun time.  

He captured it on video.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ron! Happy to see that you're able to comment again.

  2. Had a great time, need to do it again!

  3. Always great to see helpers whether in the middle or taking on the rear. Nice that you were using two throttles makes it much better. That grass covered siding looks good too.

    1. Thanks Rod! it was a bit of a challenge until I got my coordination in gear, LOL Thanks for the kind words on the grassed over siding.