Monday, December 14, 2020

The new engine facility

The rail joiners finally arrived today, only 2 weeks late!

As of now this is how the engine facility will look.  Only thing left to do is to finish securing the tracks, drop the feeders and connect them.

At present, they are just tacked in place as I'll probably make some minor adjustments moving forward, such as shortening the three facility tracks a bit.

For reference I updated the rough drawing.  The blue dotted industrial tracks will come later.

Recently, someone asked me what NB & SB meant.  This is where I'll pre-stage the cars that go South and North, and the Running track is an open track that the consists can use to get to one end of the yard and to the other.

In due time I hope to get videos made showing how the session will start and how the tracks will be used.


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