Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ops Session #15 March 3rd, 2018

Today's session went off pretty well with only a few minor glitches.
Towards the end of the session most of the throttles seemed to be losing contact with the command station, I think the culprit was my choice of using some cheap batteries in the hand helds since most of my good rechargeables were dead.  I was hoping that they would last for a few hours?  If it wasn't that, then there was some kind of interference with the radio signals.  So the guys wound up plugging their throttles into a port and kept going.

We had a decent crew this round but wound up not running all of the through freights since we had a couple of newbies who got doubled up with a seasoned crew to show them the ropes.  Other than that things went good.

Tony was the newest, he's never played with model railroading before but caught on just fine and had a blast.
Matt is fellow N scaler but it was his first time operating.  Like Tony, Matt caught on quick.
This was Coy's third time with us.  The first time he joined us he took on the Winnfield Turn and it got the best of him.  This time he decided to give it another whirl and did much better this time! Congrats Coy!

Quin, Jon and I rounded the rest of the crew.

I'm helping Tony as he brings one of the trains back into the yard. 

Coy is getting ready to run one of the Manifest down to El Dorado.

Quins cleaning up the yard after getting the Haskell Turn on it's way.

Jon teamed up with Matt who has the throttle and ran the Haskell Turn, seen
here as they're finishing up at Fordyce and heading back towards El Dorado.

Just about done, they're working Calion Lumber, the last stop for the Haskell Turn.

I think the smile on Matt's face tell the whole story?  

Myself, Quin and Tony taking a quick break before the Haskell Turn arrives back at El Dorado.

The Haskell Turn finally arrives as Quin keeps a wary eye on things. 

Quin is showing Matt the ropes as they break down the Haskell Turn.

The look of stress or relief after a long day working El Dorado, 
then he decides to have a go with his favorite support column.

By the smile on Tony's face, I don't think we worked him hard enough?

Late in the session I was able to catch a little action in El Dorado as Quin shoved the last of the cars away in the yard and tied down for the night.

With this session in the books and an abundance of smiles, it's time to start working on the layout again.  I'd like to get some ballast laid down but first I need to get a few buildings sized up in Haskell. 


  1. It looks like a fun session, Allen. Thanks for the report and the photos - I hadn't realised how large your layout is. Do you use the yard as a "yard", or is it for staging?

  2. Hey Ron! You're welcome and thanks for following along. The large yard is used for nothing more than staging. It's really not setup for active yard use. If things work out, I plan to tear up the tracks and re-lay it with only about 6 yard tracks. It'll still be used for staging, but hopefully will also have some "Downtown Switching" added to make it more versatile.