Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rock Island Rockets pt3

Last week a buddy in Ottawa, IL told me he'd heard that the Rock was suspending passenger service on The Rock Island Ottawa Division.  The next day he snapped a shot of train heading westbound with four Rock Island passenger cars on the head end.

He'd heard through the grapevine that they were heading my way.  

This evening I saw them slip quietly into El Dorado yard.

I'm willing to bet these will be placed into to service on the two mail trains that make a stop in El Dorado daily?  I can't believe they are actually going to use a Dome car?  Maybe it's for parts?


I happened to be talking with Steven Johnson the other week about looking for a few more passenger cars for use on my two mail trains, specifically a couple of coaches.  That's when he mentioned he wasn't planning to run anymore passenger service on his layout and he stated "I HAVE JUST WHAT YOU NEED!" 

He's such a pusher of model trains!

I actually sold these to him about a year ago when he decided to build a passenger train for his Ottawa Division.  He re-decaled three of them Rock Island, the two coaches and the dome, but left the Baggage car in it's original "Q" scheme. The two coaches he named Ottawa and LaSalle.  These I will leave, but I'll need to redo the coach and give it a name or number.  

When I get some time, these will be re-worked and be added to the two mail trains that I ran during the last ops session. Not sure what I'll do with the Dome car though.  There's not much to see down here in Arkansas?