Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rock Island Rockets pt2

Time for a bit of an update on the Rockets.
Here's a link back to    Pt 1 for a refresher

In the latest ops session I was able to get two mail trains assembled and running for the night.

I wound up using 6-8 TOCF cars and 2-3 baggage and coaches per train.
On the NB I used a WOT Express baggage, a Walthers baggage and a Kato coach.
The SB train I used a Kato baggage and Kato coach.

Here's a quick video of the two trains.

And a couple of shots from the last post.

These ran pretty good and the crews seemed to enjoy them, it gave a couple more intermodal trains as well some passenger which require a little bit of work for the trains. So instead of just running the layout, each train will be required to make a short layover in El Dorado, so I plan to move forward with them.

I recently found two Kato coaches and another baggage to complete the passenger end of the trains.  Once I acquire them and get them on the property I'll get some pics uploaded.

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