Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ops session #6, two days and counting.

I'm really getting anxious as Saturday draws nearer for several reasons:

We might have a few visitors this time,
Wondering if the new Wheel Report will have any bugs that will appear.
I've added a bunch more locos with chips, enough that most trains will now have a three loco consist per train.
Along with the newly added locos, I'm almost to the point of having a solid Rock Island roster for the op session.
I was able to get a newer laptop set back up and also got JMRI reloaded and running so I can monitor LocoNet if needed.
I got the RRampMeter installed which will allow us to watch the voltage and amps during the session.
And finally, I gonna try to get some photos during the session as well.

This time we are meeting at 6pm instead of the normal 7pm, hopefully we can finish a little earlier without having some of the guys needing to leave before they turn into pumpkins!


  1. Man, I wish I could be there. I'll be operating on the east coast in the coal fields of the Charleston, Roanoke & Eastern Railroad. I hope you have a great session!

    1. If there wasn't so many miles between us, I think it would be a tough call for what layout to play on? LOL
      Thanks, same with your session.