Friday, February 8, 2013

The Ballast Arrives.

I caught W&OV #6999 returning with the second load of  ballast this afternoon.

The Gritty Gravel Co. who is just outside of  Malvern and only a short jaunt down the track, is supplying the W&OV with their ballast. 


  1. I second the background Allen. What ballast did you end up going with?

    1. Thanks Steven!
      I used some old woodland scenics that I've had for years that I used on our Bend Track modules. I can't even tell you what color it was. I remember it was a mixture of three colors that I have left over and wound up just throwing it all together one night.
      I know there is Buff, Gray and I think some brown in it. I wish I could remember what I used but it's been over 16 years ago!

      I plan to use this mixture in Malvern and use WS Gray blend on the mainlines and try using a brown wash to tone it down a bit.

      Thanks for asking.