Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The New El Dorado.

After getting the backdrop painted, I started to work on the track plan and building footprints for El Dorado.  As I said in an earlier post I want to keep things to a minimum if possible.  No yard, just the main line, a siding and a few industries.

The siding was shortened on the south end (right) but it will still hold a train with three locos, 21 car and caboose, which will probably be more than I'll ever need.

This is what I came up after a few hours of doodling.

I drew it straight but I kept the swing in the tracks as I plan to keep the depot as part of the scene. I also flipped the house track, mainly to balance out the switching moves between the NB and SB local.  This plan gives the SB local two moves: The house track and the Mill.  The NB local can service the Oil Co, Dr Pepper Dist and the Maytag Dist. 

The feed mill might be a little awkward to switch and may not be prototypical?  The track that is below the mill is an old track that went to another defunct industry.  Originally it was the drill track for the old yard, but I plan to keep it in place, model it weeded over and I may keep some MOW equipment parked there to add to the look of the town.  

I still need to get the mill track and the old lead in place and secured temporarily.  Here is where I'm at as of this posting.

Looking South.

Looking North.

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