Monday, November 9, 2020

Fresh paint

Not much progress has been made recently, but I did manage to get all the track pulled up from the yard with the exception of the three stretches along the backdrop.  I also got the surface repainted with a fresh coat of brown paint.

On the left end of the yard, I managed to get the two turnouts cut in for the rear staging sidings.

I'm still working on getting the opposite end of the sidings installed on the right end.

The loop on the right end is going to be broader than it was before which should alleviate some of the issues I had.  Most of the time long trains would make it around ok, but every now and then one would string line.   Hopefully now that it's broader and that I'm using longer PECO turnouts, it should occur much less often, plus I won't be running long trains as much either.

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