Tuesday, June 4, 2019

I caught the SB Winnfield local at Haskell, AR

The morning forecast told of more stormy weather headed my way around noonish, so I grabbed my gear and jumped in the truck hoping I could catch up with #773 before the floods came again.

Shortly after grabbing my morning foamer snacks at the local Quicky Mart, I heard'em calling out track warrants for work in Haskell!  Just as I got set up I seen a headlight peeking around the curve as they reached the North end of Haskell siding, perfect timing.  

Todays power consisted of three old Warhorses: two GP18's - #1351 & #1346 and F7 #120.

I took a bit of a break from scenery and got the tracks cleaned up and decided to run a few trains to see how well things worked.  While I was at it I figured it would be a good time to shoot a video and play around with the new editing software I picked up a while back.  

After getting a new computer built last December and installing Win10 I realized much to my dismay that MS had decided not to include their Movie Maker program with this version of Windows.  So I did a little research and picked up the Power Director 17 software.   So far it works better than Movie Maker.



  1. Good move with Power Director Allen. I have been using various versions of this product for years and been using version 17 for a while and found it very easy (well relatively)to do my videos and slide shows. Golly I can even do picture in picture now.

    1. This is the first video I've made with it Rod, but I gotta say it was simpler than Movie Maker and has a lot more options. Picture in a picture huh? Have to check in on that.

  2. Very nice Allen. What a great industry that grain elevator is. I have been looking for some editing software simple enough for me to use so I may give Power Director a try as well.

    1. Thanks Brad.
      Yup, it provides a lot of work for the crews and it's fun and simple to work.
      I looked at several different softwares, including PowerDirector & Pinnacle and a few of the free ones. Not sure which one was better? But PD seems to work just fine with good options.