Thursday, April 18, 2019

Gavilon's main building

Progress has been a bit slow lately, but with tax season behind me hopefully I can find a little more time?

I have the main building assembled and painted and most of the stock detail parts applied but still need to get the rest of the downspouts put on.  I also want to add few things like a sign, some light fixtures and an A/C unit for the main office, then some Gold Metal Model safety ladders and walkways on the four white tanks and a few other minor details.  And yes, I need to trim the downspout on the small elevator yet.

Next step is to attempt to weather the building.  I'm still noodling how's the best way to approach this, but I have some ideas so we'll see.

For the pictures, it's just a rough guess on the placement, but it's close.


  1. Very nice job with those structures, Allen. Are they scratch-built (with commercial detail parts)?

    1. Hi Ron! I caught this comment today, LOL Thanks, no they are commercial kits, the main kit is a Pike Stuff M.A.C. kit, the loading shed is another Pike Stuff kit. The two little buildings are Deluxe I believe. The four large individual vertical tanks are TomyTech. The cluster of four vertical tanks are PVC and the Elevator towers are RIX kits.