Sunday, March 3, 2019

Things are greening up at Haskell

Since that damned Groundhog lied about an early Spring and the temps dropped along with some snow, I found some time this weekend to get more of the scenery base down.

Most of what I did this time was primarily to use the Scenic Express Turf blend to cover the majority of the section and added small amounts of Woodland Scenics fine Earth along the ballast shoulder.  I also added more crushed leaves where I plan to have groupings of trees.  I also sprinkled on some varying colors, but this was mostly around the tracks and the ballast.

I still want to come back and get some color between the sidings to help define the ballast edges. 

Hopefully in this shot you can see how I've tried to make the elevator tracks look ratty.

I think the next step will be to dig out and apply some static grasses?  After that.....maybe some trees and bushes...


  1. Allen leave the ground cover in place and try the static grass over the top. I think it will look better.

    1. That's exactly what I plan to do Rod! I did that in Malvern a few years ago and it turned out pretty good. My thoughts was I would need as much static grass to cover the bare ground, which should also make the static grass go a bit further. Plus it gives it a bit more variety in color and texture. Someone told me to come back after the static grass was down and spread out a bit of the coarser ground foam and/or clump foliage for scrub brushes.

      As always I appreciate the input Rod!