Saturday, September 24, 2016

What is that?

With some to kill this afternoon, I jumped into the truck and headed south Ruston, LA.  Earlier today I heard some chatter over the Squawk Box about a MOW train working it's way north from Alexandria, LA?  The clouds have rolled in but I figured I give it a shot since it's been a few months since I've been trackside.

Not long after I got settled in near the Ruston crossing and cracking a lid on a cold Dew, I heard the familiar rumble in the distance. About 10 minutes later a headlight came into view!   

I snagged a shot and quickly packed up the gear and headed North hoping to catch it again in DuBach.  As luck would have it I was able to get some shots and keep ahead it all the way North to Haskell.

It was nothing to write home about, but at least I got something!


It's been three weeks or so since I stuck a fork in the kitchen project and getting the house back into order.  I had some time to kill so this afternoon I descended to the laboratory to start getting the layout ready for the next operating session that I scheduled for Oct 8th.

Luckily I chose a Saturday night where the precious Huskers didn't have a game!

I still plan to do all the work on the layout that I listed on the previous post, but first we need to play a little...


  1. It's good to see you have things rolling again!

    1. It feels good too, Karl!
      It's been waaaay too long! I have a few more nagging projects to work on, but they shouldn't take the amount time that the kitchen did.

  2. Great story you caught me as I was looking for the real stuff again LOL.
    Good to see you back at it however sometimes a good break is needed to rekindle the juices.

    1. LOL! Then I'm doing a good job with the stories. :)
      I'm tickled to be in the basement again Rod, It's been too long and the juices are flowing again...