Saturday, May 28, 2016

A New Kitchen part 14

I made good progress today despite having a few minor setback this morning.  I got started around 9am this morning gathering up the parts for each cabinet and preparing them for assembly, then getting the tools lined up.

The first cabinet I started with was a drawer stack. 

Then the upper cabinet that goes directly above it.

By lunchtime I had six of the cabinets assembled, stacked and drying. 

After lunch I got the last two cabinet assembled, the two biggest ones.  The sink upper [which is upside down]

And the sink base which is freshly clamped and drying.

I might try to go back over tonight and get the nail strips added in and then flush routered and fill the nail holes so that I can get them sanded and stained on Sunday.  But I don't know, the couch feel pretty good right now...

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  1. Looking good Allen! When do you think you will be ready for install?

    1. Thanks!
      It'll still be a while as once these the cabinets are ready to install, I'll then start the tear out and remodeling of the kitchen? Maybe a month or so? It'll also depend on how soon I can get my subs in to the get the wiring, tile backsplash and trim done? Some I'm not paying them, it'll be trade work, so I can't rush them and everybody is extremely busy right now.

  2. Nice work Allen. I am sure Lisa will be well pleased to see you back working on these.

    1. Thanks Rod.
      Oh yeah!!! She has a smile on her like the Cheshire cat!