Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Need to shed some light on a subject?

Having operated for several years now on the Little Rock Line, one issue I've had to deal with was not being able to see the couplers, especially the ones that couple very close.
I use fluorescent lighting in the basement so it's pretty bright, but it can still get dang dark between those cars!

I've always had several of the Rix Pix on hand, a very handy little tool.
Several months ago after enjoying a meal at Hu Hot, I grabbed a couple pairs of Chopsticks to see how they would work?  They were a little too big in diameter so I found some cheap skewers at the local Wally World.  

While these worked much better, one thing still bothered me.  Not just trying to get in between some of the closely coupled cars, but actually seeing the black couplers!  

Hmm? I needed something that could light up those little areas, but it had to be small? 

Tonight a package was waiting for me when I got home.