Friday, July 3, 2015

Best Laid Plans Laid To Rest

I can hardly believe that the 4th of July is almost on top of us!
It seem like just yesterday I was watching the storms move in from the south and dump the rain on us.

My plans this summer was to remove the two aging PM42's I have and install the 7 PSX and one PSX-AR this summer when the humidity moved back in so I didn't have to deal with the Static. But unfortunately it doesn't look like that's going to happen this summer, maybe this fall if things go as plans. 

After cleaning up my basement, I spent several weeks helping mother get her basement cleaned up.  Not only remove the water, but we had to move everything out of one room, rip up the carpet and padding, remove a batch of paneling that had soaked up the water.  Then we mopped the floor to remove any mold and then mopped it again with bleach.  Once all that was dry we had to move everything back in.

But as we were doing this we decided to clear out a lot of the stuff Mom and Dad had collected over the years.  Most of which went out to the garbage due to the water and mold. What was salvageable, which was the biggest share of the stuff, went to Goodwill or got donated.  This will be a big help when the time comes to clear out Mom's house for the last time.

I am planning to start on my Kitchen this summer, yeah I know, you've heard that way too many times before, but I really need to get it started.  I have several smaller jobs around the house to do at the same time, so I have no choice but to ignore the layout for the remainder of the summer, so updates may be few and far between.  

I did however manage to get the layout somewhat organized from the frenzy of the scenery in Malvern.  I still need to get some of the industrial tracks cleaned so things will run on them, but that can done anytime I have a few spare minutes. With everything going on I severely doubt there will be any Op Sessions held till this winter. 

Well hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!

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