Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tab On Car update

We held the second dry over the past weekend and everything seemed to work out just fine.  We had one car picked up mistakenly, some of the Off Spots from the first session got tucked away this time and still had some that needed to be Off Spotted again this session.

Calion Lumber wound up only having one car to be dropped off.  If you recall, on the first run Calion Lumber didn't have any that were called for pickup.  There were already four cars filling the tracks and there were three cars that needed to off spotted there.  Since we didn't have enough room for one more car, the crew just picked up one of the cars that was sitting there from before the first run and the rest got shuffled around.

At Malvern, the W&OV crew wound up with a total of 5 or 6 cars that were slated as Off Spots and they were left sitting on the mainline between the engine house turnout and the East end siding turnout right next to the engine facility and Olin-Chlor.  If too many cars are Off Spotted at malvern, there should be plenty of space for these if the small siding next to the mainline at Haskell gets used, the one that leads to Ghuntz Ind.

I worked the yard at El Dorado this time.  Quin was right, the tabs made it very easy to shuffle cars around and not get lost by having to look between the cars and the switch list.

We didn't have any problems with mixing the Blue and Yellow tabs in with the White pick up tabs either.  Quin just reminded that ANYTHING with a tab at an industry gets picked up.  Once all the cars returned to El Dorado and got mixed in with the rest of them, it was easy to collect the Blue and Yellow tabs together so they could be segregated into their own group for ease of pulling from for the captive service cars next time.

So the decision has been made to keep the tabs!   
Now all I need to do is to work on adjusting the spreadsheet and the flow of cars and try to keep things somewhat even.


  1. I'm happy to hear that the system worked out for you. I really like it since I have converted. I look forward to operating again on my layout soon.

  2. So am I! I can't wait to get the guys over for a full session.