Monday, July 9, 2012

Another milestone...

Well I finally got the floor finished.  After three weeks of moving, cleaning and covering the flooring with the Thin Set I got it painted.
Then a friend sent me an email that gave me an idea that I couldn't pass up:

The floor looks great!  Now consider covering the aisle space with the 2' x 2' 1/2" thick interlocking foam tiles that you can get from Costco or Sam's Club.  The tiles are easy to cut to fit odd spaces and they clean up remarkably well.  Our operators love walking on the foam floor.  It saves their feet from hours of pain on the concrete.

Thanks Dave!

I started to look around to see what was available.  The cheapest ones I ran across a 4pc set of these at [Bottom Of the] Harbor Freight.  $9.99 [$7.99 online price]  So I stopped by the local store to check them out first hand and grabbed a set which was on sale for $7.99.  I got home and laid them out and was impressed.  Two days later I got a sale flyer which had a coupon for $6.99 each.  The next day I grabbed enough to cover the entire floor!

Over the course of the last weekend I got the floor covered.  Dave was right, they were easy as hell to lay out and trim to fit the odd corners.  All I used was a tape measure, marker, straight edge and utility knife.
I was worried about the narrow ends sliding about but since the Thin Set wound up with a slightly rough surface, even after painting it, they seem to stay put very nicely.

Looking down from the top of the stairs

Looking towards Calion

Looking back towards Haskell

El Dorado and the south wall

In front of  Dubach

Looking towards Winnfield & the head of the yard

Again, Dave was right, they make it easy on your feet and should help keep your tootsies warm in the winter!
All in all, the floor project cost me about $300.

To resurface the floor it ran me about $150 for the Thin Set and paint, then another $150 for the anti-fatigue mats.
Well worth the time & money!

After getting the floor finished I thought I should put a fresh coat of paint on the walls as well.



I used the same color of paint that I used on the backdrop, as you can see the backdrop almost blends into the wall.

The final phase of this project will be to cover this white section of walls where the shelves use to set.
But that is for the next post! 




  1. Be careful with those foam pads. A layout around me had them and they built up static electricity on the operators and cause shocks that fried a number of DT400s and UT4s when they went to plug-in. Just something to keep in mind when you get back to operating.

  2. Thanks Phil,
    I've been told that this could happen and might be a problem. For the summer time I know there will be no issue as the humidity here in NE is enough to swim in, but this winter I will have to keep and eye on it.

  3. Allen, Looks Good! Thin Set seems interesting....good tip!

  4. Allen,
    Floor looks great! Hope it works for you as well as it has for the Castle Rock & Pacific. We'll be doing nature and RR photography around Crawford Hill this week.